Lucaci16 – on one of the quiet streets of the city center, which preserves the typical charm of old Bucharest, there is a beautiful eclectic house, now scarred by the passing of time, built in 1895. This is where the the wines of the Lucaci16 Crama urbana are created. Once the home of a merchant’s family and later a music school, located in in a rich in history part of town – the Lucaci neighbourhood – one of Bucharest’s oldest areas, mentioned in the poems of Anton Pann, which was later part of the Jewish Quarter, an area where traditional wagon-houses with their gardens mix with villas and modernist blocks.

Here continues the local tradition of families making wine in the vine-covered yards of old houses in the center of the city. Reminiscing about the early autumn days when the family gathered in the front yard to make wine and to share the joy of offering a glass of home-made wine to friends, we evolved from tradition to experiment with high quality wine.

Surrounded by history and enliven by tradition, innovation is the essence of our process. In our winery we use professional equipment and thoroughly controlled crafting techniques.

The adventure started in 2012 with 3 barrels of red wine and went on year by year, creatinf a small community of people passionate about quality wine. In 2019, with enough experience to share our wines publicly, we launched Crama Urbana Lucaci16

Bucharest’s First Urban Winery